We customize flights to fit your specific needs. Our creative team will help you achieve the best results from your Rocketbelt performances. Contact us to see what we can do for you...
• Increase gate attendance and increase your revenue
• Keep the audience in your venue longer and increase merchandise sales
• Gain a larger media presence - By commanding the attention of the media, capturing the front page of newspapers and headline the nightly news. Greater media presence equals free press for your event, and the media loves to cover a Rocketman
• Increase visibility for sponsors and increase sponsor dollars
• Impact your audience by presenting awe inspiring entertainment and etch a positive, permanent memory of your event that will last a lifetime
• Have Ozrocketman promote your event in advance with radio and newspaper interviews or let us help you create a TV spot using our thrilling stock footage
• Dominate the audience's attention - Guarantee all eyes are on your Rocketman with our onboard cameras sending electrifying live-feed from the Rocketman in-flight to your monitors or Jumbotron
• Brand awareness - Brand your Rocket man's flight suits, Helmet, the Rocketbelt, launch and landing platform and backdrops for maximum brand exposure
• Personalized entertainment – Have Ozrocketman fly while wearing a costume of a character that relates to your business.
• The gift that keeps on giving - People cannot get enough of a rocketman. When Ozrocketman flies, his performances usually end up all over the web, especially YouTube.
• Post-promotion for your event - After the flight the Rocketman will keep promoting your event while signing autographs and giving interviews for the newspapers and TV stations. 

Ideas in how to best utilize Ozrocketman
• Have Ozrocketman fly with a game ball, flag, key to the city or small object.
• Sponsor Ozrocketman in a world-record attempt and dominate the media 

Performances and venues
• Commercials
• TV Spots
• Parades
• Air shows
• Concerts
• Product launches
• Ground breaking ceremonies
• Grand openings
• Sporting events
• Halftime shows
• Opening Ceremonies