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Who is the Ozrocketman?

David Clarke is an ex RAAF aeronautical maintenance engineer specializing in Avionics. His training was second to none and presented him with opportunities that others could only dream about. He was a key participant in the maintenance of Australia’s elite defence fighter aircraft including the legendary F-111 supersonic jet fighter bomber. After 10 years of dedicated military service, David left to explore other opportunities in Aviation and to fulfill long held aspirations. He obtained his commercial pilot’s license, including amphibious aircraft and went on to fly passenger services to outback Australia. He furthered his technical career in aeronautics becoming certified in the maintenance of many specialized aircraft including large offshore helicopters serving the oil and gas industry. He served as a professional air search and rescue crewmember with AMSA and was also employed with Qantas for eleven years.
David knew early in life that aviation was his calling. He dreamt of flying as many young boys do, but David’s dreams were more ambitious than most; he wanted to fly without wings. In his adolescence, he recalls seeing the original ‘Bell Rocketbelt’ in the media, and was absolutely fascinated by the way it flew.
Many years later he came across a story about the ‘Rocket belt” on the internet, this renewed his fascination with the concept, but now was in a position to do something about it.
After a substantial financial outlay and 10 years of intensive research and development, David produced his first operational example of the amazing ‘Rocket belt’.
In March 2010 David made history when he became the first and only Australian to build and fly a rocket belt.
The aim of Ozrocketman is to make available to anyone that may have a requirement for unique show stopping way of promoting their product or service.
The media love the rocket belt and usually makes headlines in the print, TV and online. Free advertising that is priceless.

A flight performance is considered as one take off and one landing. The skilled pilot can fly forward, backward, sideways, up and down. And like a hummingbird hover in midair. It's similar to that of a helicopter without the hazards of rotating blades. 

The Rocketbelt rides on a bed of superheated steam. There are no Flames or explosion Our Pilot can land within inches of a target but this is at the discretion of the Pilot. Lift off can be cued to the second. We can fly in most rain. The Rocketbelt is very loud.

Flight Distance 

With practice the pilot can fly up to 400 meters. 
He can fly over most Land, Water and Structures. 
Most performances usually feature the maneuverability of the Rocketbelt with a display of sweeping turns, pirouette, hovering and speeds up to 60kph. 

Flight Height 

The Rocketbelt has the ability to fly at any altitude, however as fuel is the limiting factor and we want people to have a good view, we stay low. 
Regular performances usually range between 5 to 10 meters depending on the needs of the client. We can fly up to and down from structures. It is also capable of flying indoors.

Flight Time 

The Rocketbelt has 30 seconds of propellant. Flight Performance range is between 24-27 seconds. Again, at the discretion of the Pilot. 
Preparation, skits and narration can be combined with a performance.

Flight Speed 

Speeds can range from hover to over 100 kilometers per hour. Most performances feature the maneuverability of the Rocketbelt with a display of sweeping turns, pirouette, hovering and speeds up to 60kph. 

Other Specifications 

Power: 800 Horse power  145kg of lift.
Weight: 32kg empty and 60kg full of fuel.
Maximum Pilot weight: 82kg.